About Terranova Radio

February 2012

Terranova Radio is an Australian Internet Radio Station with a long history, broadcasting since 2005. You can tune in via our high quality web and mobile streams, so wherever you are - you can always listen to the music you want with Terranova Radio

Our format consists of a eclectic range of music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and the latest Top 40 tracks.

Our slogan "Playing whatever you feel like" sums up what we do perfectly: if you want to hear it, jump on the website and tell us. In fact, we're pretty sure that no one gives you the involvement or control quite like Terranova Radio and we pride ourselves on it.

What's more, you'll hardly hear any talk and you won't hear the ads when you tune in. We're all about the music, just like you!

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The Technology

Terranova Radio is broadcast using Icecast Streaming Server, the Ices Broadcasting Source Client and the Terranova Radio Broadcasting Libraries which were developed using Open Source Technologies.

Our Music Repositories are stored on a MySQL Server, which contains 5 Back-End Tables (Our Music Catalogue, A Record of all Track Plays, Votes for Music, Requests for Music, and our Audit Table) and 3 Front-End Tables (which handle the Charts).

Our Broadcast Interfaces to Ices are written in Perl, which connect to the Databases and ingest actions processed by the Front End (such as Requests, DJ Plays from Control Panel [like the Party Shows], and System Events [like Time Announcements]).

Our Front-End Interfaces to the Broadcaster are written in PHP, which connect to the Databases and present that information either via the Web Site or the Control Panel, and then post all actions to the Broadcasting Interface for processing.

Expansion to Community Radio

Terranova Radio has sought approval for a Community Broadcasting License for the Wollongong Region, which has received Positive Feedback for the Application.

If granted, Terranova Radio look to broadcast on both FM and DAB+ ranges providing Coverage for the Northern Suburbs of Wollongong at first, and expanding where possible to cover the Illawarra Region.